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Our team - We ask the right questions

An experienced team is there for you - around the clock one which is flexible and one who regularly solve the special problems or challenges with an eye for cost efficient solutions, we have an evangelistic team who would be happy speak to you today.

Coordination abroad or in country - in your own locality - supporting you with the solutions you need. Our team members are multilingual - well trained to the highest standards, which enables them to deal with the myriad of situations so that they we can guarantee they will act and react in a controlled and professional way.

HQ - Our base of operations

Our location in Koln, Germany, at the centre of Europe, allows us to meet the needs of clients from all over the globe.

Our warehousing offers clients the best of the greatest flexibility in service and locations, with your materials in safe and secure hands

Fleet - Modern and well maintained vehicles

Modern motivated - experienced and highly trained drivers - and together with them we find the logistic solutions matching your requirements:

Exhibition arsenal: We Make the Rock Go

We at Fairexx have access to show, exhibition lighting, film and theatre production quality equipment. Setting up sound stages or event exhibition venues, we are able to host presentations or events of any kind and have the storage and transportation to transport.

Management - Making your event a success

We offer you a complete project management - planning - budgeting and controlling - 360 onsite handling and onsite assisting - If you have ever managed or organised an event you will know the importance of having a reliably efficient and highly motivated logistics management services team to assist in the events success

Successful events rely on several key aspects - detailed before and after planning - as well as support during the event. All our deliveries are from renowned places around the globe.

Our knowledge of freight, customs and local knowledge of the cultural procedures as well as the local cultural customs that maybe particular to that country or region. We offer you more than just the transport of just the goods to any place in the world; we offer you success!